Our Trip

After years of dreaming about this trip, we finally realized everything we had been planning on adding into one year was not just financially, but physically impossible. We wanted to see the cultures, meet the people. Drink their beer! If we’re moving every few days this would be impossible. So after going through the list and narrowing down the “must-see-before-we-die” places we came up with a pretty killer itinerary. And here it is :)

April 2012: India. Cuisine, the Himalayans, sacred cows, religious festivals, frantic bazaars, crashing a wedding, beautiful beaches, the Taj Majal! No better place to start the trip then into this diverse country. Just praying we don’t get the “Delhi belly”…

May to mid-June 2012: Nepal. Hiking the Annapurna Circuit and exploring the Himalayans…and Sean wants to ride a llama.

mid-June to September 2012: SE Asia. Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos/Malaysia. Serious beach time and jungle trekking are in order. A cooking class in Thailand? Perhaps a bike ride through the rice patties in Vietnam? We plan on fully immersing ourselves in the SE Asian culture and going where the wind blows us. (and hopefully that wind blows in the direction of Thailand beaches!)

September-October 2012: Indonesia. Taking a month to settle down on one island after months of traveling. Brittany is going to try to get her SCUBA divemaster, while Sean will be in charge of learning native Balinese dance and performing for her nightly.

November 2012: Australia and New Zealand. Scuba diving in the great barrier reef, and bungee jumping in NZ. This is the time our adventure sides can come out in full force, and take with it all the money we’ve saved in SE Asia…

December 2012: Ecuador/Galapagos. Spanish classes and surfing. hells. yes.

January 2013-March 2013: South America. Trying to experience as much of South America as physically and mentally possible. On the list of must-do’s in SA include: Tango classes in Argentina, biking the most dangerous road in Bolivia, sand boarding in Peru, Exploring the Amazon, trying to not get kidnapped in Columbia, and cervesas. lots and lots of cervezas.

April 2013: home coming. Unless we decide to stay longer.