Since we seem to be getting bombarded with the same general questions about where were going, why were doing it, how are we gonna survive, etc. I figured I would share a list of the most frequently ask questions. Enjoy

Where are you most excited to visit?

B: I’d say Indonesia and Nepal… Hiking and scuba diving are two of my favorite things and these places provide for the best of both! Im planning on getting my divermaster over in Bali, and were gonna do the Annapurna trek in Nepal. But to be honest, its hard to say cause every place has soooo much good stuff to offer.

S: It’d have to be a tie between Thailand and New Zealand. Brittany is going to have to keep a leash on me during the Full moon and Half Moon parties in Thailand…and the prospect of driving a camper van up the coast of New Zealand, stopping to bungie jump, xorb, and sledging really make these two places stand out to me.

When did you decide to make this trip?

B: I decided to make this trip in 2007 when i was hiking in Peru and meet many people that had taken a year or so off work to travel. I was so jealous and i just knew if they did it. well then why the hell can’t i do it? So I’m gonna do it… and it only took me 5 years to make it happen.

S: I decided to make this trip when my desire for creature comforts and job stability was outpaced by my fear of Brittany traveling a world full of tanned guys with abs and accents without me.

How are you going to get around?

planes, trains, automobiles, ships, rickshaws, camels, Pretty much anything available to ride on, i plan on riding it. Granted planes are more expensive then the other options, so were going to try to do overland travel as much as possible.

What does your family think?

B: I think my mom had a mild heart attack the first time i told here i was leaving for a year. but i also told her back in 2010, so she had a little bit more time to get used to the idea.

S: Let’s just say my mom isn’t the biggest fan. The rest of the family thinks it’s pretty darn cool.

What did you do about your jobs?

We quit! Simple answer.

What did you do with all your stuff?

B: I got rid of 90% of my stuff. Tossed over half my clothes, all my furniture, and narrowed everything I own int one car load, then I’m gonna drive this car load to texas and leave it with my mom :)

S: Through two recent moves, I’d reduced my belongings quite a bit. The rest is resting comfortably in my moms attic, prepared to be sold when I get back.

How are you gonna pack for a trip like this?

B: yeeeeaaaaa. thats gonna be the hard part… Theres SO MUCH i feel like i need, but the hard part is realizing how little i actually need to survive. The last month before i leave I’m gonna go through my bag pack everything i need, then try and cut that down by like half. I know if my head it’d be so much nicer to have less things, but its gonna be heart to actually put that piece off knowledge into practice.

S: I’ve been reading other RTW blogs’ packing lists and using their collective knowledge to prepare my list. My biggest problem is finding gear that fits me, I’m an online REI guy as 2XL’s and size 15’s are few and far between.

How can you afford to do this?

B: Been planning this thing for 5 years, I was able to save up a little!

S: I’ll let you know in a year.

How did you decide on the itinerary?

B: Well we pretty much had an idea of the general areas we wanted to visit. We had to narrow down a lot of place due mainly to time/money constraints… but we divide on a good mix of culture, adventure, FOOD, and beaches. Once we figured out the general places to visit we then looked at the time we could go and tried to make it where we would be chasing summer all year long. What? I’m a Texas girl, i can’t help my aversion to cold.

S: Basically, I wanted to hit my head on as many doorframes in as many months as possible.

How are you gonna handle your money on the trip?

Money is actually not gonna be that hard of a problem. Ive got two ATM cards, and some credit cards. Almost all the major towns have ATMs and with a bank like charles scwab, they allow for free foreign atm transitions. awesome. the credit cards are gonna be for emergencies and of course ill leave all my info with my family… just in case :)

Where are you gonna stay?

Hostels! guesthouses! hotels! couch surfing! Huts! Anywhere cheep that we can find.


What are you gonna do at the end of the trip?

B: no idea, anyone need a professional bum for hire?

S: When you’re in a standard job, it’s pretty easy to guess what you’ll be doing in a year. For me, I can’t possibly imagine who I will be or what I’ll want at the end of the year. My current plans are to study while we travel – I’d like to see what I could do against the MCATs at the end of the trip.