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Woo Wee Mui Ne (catchup post - Vietnam!)

Woo Wee Mui Ne (catchup post – Vietnam!)

We arrived in Mui Ne, a sleepy little beach town at about 8pm. The bus operator started walking the aisle, asking the hotels where each of the couples were staying. Couple 1: “something resort” Couple 2 “Something spa plaza” Couple 3 “Hotel Expensive #7″…..ok, so it appears everyone’s already made some very extravagant arrangements. He […]

Vietnamese water parks... why not??

Vietnamese water parks… why not??

After leaving Mui Ne behind we hopped on our open ticket bus to our next destination, Nha Trang. We’d heard a lot about Nha Trang from people coming the opposite way through Vietnam. Basically got the general opional that its a favorite among everyone that goes there. So we hopped on our sleeper bus and […]

Phee Phi Pho Yum - Ho Chi Minh City!

Phee Phi Pho Yum – Ho Chi Minh City!

I can honestly say on thinking of this trip, Vietnam was never really on my radar, to be fair, neither were Laos and Cambodia, so maybe I’m just an insular idiot whose getting a bit of enlightening. It had just never really dawned on me to visit a place that has for so long embodied […]