About Us

Meet Brittany and Sean, In March 2012 we are planning on leaving our jobs, apartments and common sense behind to start an year filled with adventure, inspiration, food, booze and new friends. We spend our free time skydiving, base jumping, traveling, scuba diving, and pretty much anything that might seem a little crazy.


Brittany: Got the travel bug early when she was in high school traveling to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. She credits this trip to her growing need to see the world. She is currently working as a forensic scientist and counting the days until she can take off and not look back.

Thing you will miss the most when gone:  Id probably say (since friends and family are too obvious a choice) skydiving. Its become a lifestyle for me and the idea of not jumping out a perfectly good airplane frequently is actually pretty sad!

Thing you are most excited to see/do: Really excited to get to Nepal. To hike the annapurnia circuit has been a travel goal of mine for years now!


Sean: He’s the tech savvy ying to her horse and buggy, typewriting, “I don’t trust that new-fangled internet” yang. He’s a 6’6″ boisterous extrovert who loves meeting and getting to know new people. He’s devilishly handsome, a great lover, and humble to a fault.

Thing you will miss the most when gone: Friends and family for sure – but most of all I think I’ll miss skydiving, and showers and toilets that dont have creepy crawlie things in them.

Thing you are most excited to see/do:  I am most excited to try every manner of food and beer around the globe. Also, I really want to see Nepal, where my awesome hat was made (what, not profound enough?).