Montañita, Ecuador and our yearly dose of hippie

After a solid two weeks of doing nothing but playing on the beach, getting caught up on blogs/ pictures and generally living a slow, boring life (Coming soon: Sean’s post over Santa Marianita) we decided it was time to hit the road again. Next up was Montañita, a huge surfing/hippie hangout on the coast of Ecuador. Montañita is supposedly the place to be if you are young, fun and cheap, we should love it right?? I mean we are young-ish, fun (most nights) and definitely cheap. So that settles it, Montañita here we come!


 We left Santa Marianita and flagged down a bus going south down the coast. Of course when we got on the bus there were no seats so we sat in the front next to the driver…. it’s about 10 times scary when you can actually see the buses flying down the road zooming in and out of traffic. I think ignorance is the way to travel for most bus rides. The less you know the less stressed you’ll be!



We showed up to the sight of 100+ young tan dread-locked bodies walking around either shirtless (guys) or in bikinis (girls) and no one was wearing shoes. It was a far cry from Santa Marianita and definitely not a place we thought we’d find in Ecuador. We walked around for a while trying to find a decent room during which we found that there were no decent rooms unless you’re paying 3 times our budget. So we settled into an overpriced cubby of a room and headed out to explore the city. Now Montañita is a surf town first and foremost with not much else to do during the day. So we went down to the beach to see what all the hype was about.

The beach was nice but with 100+ bodies crammed into a space the size of me and Sean’s apartment in DC (read: tiny) it was a little too much. It was reminiscent off over crowded beaches in Cancun during spring break. We walked down the ways a little a found a quiet spot outside of the craziness, it was actually really beautiful once you stepped a few hundred meters away from main area.


The food situation was one of the best and worst things about Montañita. There were tons of street food cart set up selling buritos, hamburgers, fries, chicken and any other food terrible for you for VERY cheap. Which was nice. The resteraunts how ever we completely overpriced (at prices similar to the states) and below average. Thus we ate at the street stands every night. Probably also gained 10 lbs in the 4 days we were there…


Normal nightly performances

Normal nightly performances

We also visited “cocktail alley” pretty much every night. Cocktail alley is an alley way with tons of little street bars set up selling cocktails for decent prices where everyone goes to pre-game for the all-night drink sessions that are so famous for Montañita.



Half way through the time there we switched hotels into a cheap place and also probably one of my least favorite place we stayed on this trip. That’s saying a lot if the only one worse is our hotel in Calcutta… The place seemed nice at first, it had hammocks and an entire patio to ourselves that over looked Montañita. However, after a nice relaxing afternoon playing in the ocean we came back to a severe cricket infestation in our room. I mean crickets everywhere. Like shoes, bed, shower, evvveerrrywhere. Sick. I was not a fan. Along with the cricket infestation our room was open air and had no insulation and was right next to one of THE late night clubs in Montañita. So they were blaring all the top hits (from 3 years ago) till 5 in the morning every night. I’ve never felt so old in my life as i did lying in the bed hating all the 20-year old hippes dancing the night away to Rihanna. And this is when i learned as much as i liked the idea of Montañita, I’m just to damn old.




Its hard to describe a town that we both loved and hated so much. We loved the idea behind it, its a place i would have LOVED about 10 years ago. Sadly I think once you’re over the age of 22 it really loses its appeal. Everyone seemed to be late high school/ early college aged with dreadlocks and hemp outfits. Selling homemade necklaces or brownies or braiding hair. The crowd there seemed to be similar to Goa, India back in the 70s. So probably REALLY cool if you are into that scene. If your a hippie in your early 20s or want to sleep with a hippie in their early 20s then Montañita is the place for you!


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  1. I am currently in Montanita….we too thought we would love it….Hence why I am googling Montanita and ended up on your Fabulous blog!

    We are too old too…….good thing we only have 5 nights here, 3 to go!

  2. I’ve been looking at a place to spend a few weeks, chilling out, and taking lessons at a Spanish school in South America this summer. I thought Montanita with a beach, and a laid-back feel could possibly be the place, but after reading this I think maybe not. I’m not sure partying until 5am and a town full of 22 year old hippies is quite what I’m looking for… and I’m only 23!

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  4. Alvin says:

    I am from Ecuador. She I was at kid we just to spend. The vacation’s. There . But that. Was the 1981 long time the place is naturally. Awesome. It is just at new generations. Place now. But still beautiful 😊

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