Where the hell are Sean and Brittany?

So, where the hell have you been? It’s a valid question. Our updates have slowed down more than my bowels in the Philippines (seriously, its all rice and meat – come prepared). Well, we went from the ubiquitous, fast, omnipresent, cancer metastasizing wifi zones of Asia to the pay-as-you-go, $10 an hour internet of Australia and New Zealand. Coming from areas where our rooms didn’t cost $10 to a place where a beer cost nearly that was a shock. So that’s the reason our updates have been infrequent, we were living as close to the poverty level as I ever care to go again.

We’re currently in Ecuador and we’ll be moving into a beautiful little spot on the beach in Santa Marianita in two days, so we will be able to get caught up on our posts from the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand (Wow are we behind!). We apologize, stay tuned for more =)








New Zealand

With love – Brittany and Sean (she wrote the bit about her bowels – honest)




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  1. susan says:

    I want more, kind sir, more, please! I enjoy reading every word and seeing every picture. Love to you guys

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Guys! I love looking at the pictures and hearing your stories, but I can’t help but wonder how on Earth it will be possible for you to go back to “normal” life here! I envision you volunteering for the Peace Corps after this!

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