Woo Wee Mui Ne (catchup post – Vietnam!)

We arrived in Mui Ne, a sleepy little beach town at about 8pm. The bus operator started walking the aisle, asking the hotels where each of the couples were staying. Couple 1: “something resort” Couple 2 “Something spa plaza” Couple 3 “Hotel Expensive #7″…..ok, so it appears everyone’s already made some very extravagant arrangements. He gets to us and asks, we respond with “No hotel booked” and everyone turns to stare at us. He tells us we should get off here. We look at each other and shrug, “Peace Bitches” and we bounced.

Yeah, I think I’ll just walk from here

We began our dark sidewalk stroll, heavy bags on our fronts and backs, sweat dripping and gross from the absurdly long bus ride. We stopped in overly nice hotel after opulently foyered  hotel, yeah, all out of our price range. After about 15 minutes – Bangarang, we hit a guest house with $10 A/C Rooms – and we were home. The thing to know about Mui Nee is that its a huge tourist destination for everyone from the Eastern Bloc, menus come in English and Cyrillic, sometimes not even English. So there is an entire industry built up around the extravagant spending of Russians on vacation. Underneath that though, is a level for backpackers, cheap drinks, cheap eats, and nice places with umbrellas and french fries to make you all the happier.

Our first day, Brittany got trapped inside by the insidious pinterest

Don’t go towards the light!

I managed to get her outside. Her toes got sandy.  (Brit’s note: This is UNTRUE!!! I was the one ready to go waiting on Sean to finish facebook-ing, AND it was really cold in the room!)

I got big beers for $.60. Things were goooood.

    We rented motorbikes , Brittany nearly killed herself driving away, but quickly learned, and actually looked pretty badass.

BA Brittany

Chris and Helen clearly were in their element after a few days of driving their bikes through Vietnam, so we headed to the sanddunes. Maybe….

What a confident rider might look like

The sanddunes are about 40 km away, and we constantly stopped to make sure we were heading in the right direction, but alas, we got lost and ended up in this strange fishing village.


I promised Brittany I’d photoshop water into this.

Nailed it

We turned around and drove some more, managing to get even more lost. So we stopped at a roadside and got a delicious lunch of sugar cane juice and potato chips….surely we’ll arrive eventually.   We turned around and took a dirt road and happened upon the sanddunes. $.25 for parking and $1 for ‘sled’ rental and we were walking towards the dunes. They were incredible, it truly felt like we were in the Sahara Desert. We climbed to the top of one of the sand dunes. We looked down the nearly 70 degree incline and lined up, nervously eyeing each other, wondering aloud who would go first. Brittany drew the proverbial short straw and began edging over the side….and AWAY SHE WENT!….err….well…not really. Brittany slid down the sand dune at a pace that would make the elderly yawn.


We each followed suit, traveling down the dune at a snails pace. We began experimenting until we found the key to making the slide somewhat fast. The secret is using two sleds and get a push start. We continued this for maybe an hour before we were all sunburnt, soaked with sweat, and had every orifice filled with sand. A fairly uncomfortable 30 minute ride back and were were back at Mui Ne.


Nothing can stop us. Not the heat. Not the sand in our eyes nose ears mouth and every bit of clothing we have. Not even this stampede.

We stopped at a fantastic little stand that only sets up at night with all the fresh catch of the day. We placed our order and waited for them to grill and bring it out. Squid, barracuda, clams, and prawn with some beers and friends made for the perfect way to end a night in Mui Ne.


PS, you can ride an ostrich for 2 dollars and its every bit as hilarious as it looks.



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  1. susan says:

    Loved reading this. The picture of Britt on the ostrich is the funniest thing yet. Her expression looks just like the bird she is riding.
    How is Britt hanging with the peg leg?

  2. Debbie Frith says:

    Hello Sean & Brittany,

    Love the blog, just amazing places, love all the pictures. Stay safe, love to you both Aunt Debbie

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