Halong Bay: the prettiest tourist trap we’ve ever seen.

First and foremost, apologies for not posting in a while, internet was TERRIBLE in Malaysia…. no excuses just this picture of Sean on a snail as our peace offering.

Hanoi- what to say? We’ve been in Vietnam for about 3 weeks now and i’ll revert back to Sean’s post – we LOVE Vietnam. My mom asked me why we love Vietnam… i couldn’t give her an answer. I guess the easiest answer is whats not to love? The food is incredible, the people have been nothing but friendly and helpful, the booze are cheap, there’s always something fun to do. Its the perfect place to travel. Granted the overnight bus rides have left more to be desired.

Everything else has been amazing. And Hanoi was no different. We didn’t have a lot of time in Hanoi unfortunately so we missed out on some of the cooler sights like the Hanoi Hilton, or the water puppet show (you may laugh like we did, but actually supposed to be cool-ish). Our time in Hanoi was brief but it made an impression on both of us, and we would definitely go back. The only thing we really had time for in Hanoi was to organize a trip to Halong Bay. And it was incredible.

We decided on a 2 day 1 night cruise, and basically picked the first one we found. Normally we go to multiple shops and try to find the cheapest, but we were tired of  being budget travelers for a day and just grabbed the first cruise we saw. $65 dollars for 2d1n cruise. Once on board everyone shared how much they had spend and we were by far the lowest with some people paying $30 more per person! Lesson learned: we were lucky, research before you buy cruise tickets to halong bay! Anywho, we started the cruise with a 3 hour bus ride to the harbor we’re we boarded our cruise ship.

There was about 10 people on the cruise with us, all 20-somethings on break/holiday. We started the tour with a cruise around halong bay. We just sat up top and marveled in the beauty. Hard to describe in words, and pictures only do it partial justice but here you go. Halong bay

Yeah. It was incredible. After a little bit we went kayaking on the bay for a couple of hours and hiked a mountain to watch the sunset, not a bad afternoon.

The tour itself was a blast, we met people from all over, our favorites being a pair of german brothers who stayed up till all hours of the night with us talking. The cruise was the ending of our time in Vietnam and it was the perfect way to go out. Malaysia you’re up next and you’ve got a lot to live up to!

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  1. susan says:

    Enjoyed the post..the pictures were beautiful. Love you guys

  2. Scotty Bob says:

    Can I have sex with your memories from this trip? I mean this with all do respect

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