Vietnamese water parks… why not??

After leaving Mui Ne behind we hopped on our open ticket bus to our next destination, Nha Trang. We’d heard a lot about Nha Trang from people coming the opposite way through Vietnam. Basically got the general opional that its a favorite among everyone that goes there.

So we hopped on our sleeper bus and headed to Nha Trang…please remember sean is 6’6″ when looking at this next picture.

We arrived after a short 5hr bus ride right at dinner time, so we had two things on our mind. Getting rid of our backpacks in a hostel without bedbugs, and food. Lots of food. (it seems to be a theme with our travel. no?)

So after we found a decent place right in the main tourist part of town with AC for around 10bucks a night we headed out to find substnaince. And then we found heaven.

Absolute heaven… Now anyone that knows me knows theres only one thing i love more then BBQ and mexican food. And that’s margaritas, and i found one to rival even the best you could find in Texas (i know it sounds weird but let me explain.)

all the explanation you could need.

Once i got my margarita i didnt even care what else came out, that was what i had been missing for 4 months. But to my suprise every thing we ate there was good. I mean REALLY good. And im from Texas! I know these things.

We got a BBQ sandwich (me), and a plate of ribs (sean) it came with baked beans, texas toast, cole slaw, and potato salad. Every single thing was well made…it probably helps the owner is from Tennesse and cooks all his BBQ for 6 hours every day. This place definelty got my seal of approval. After dinner and a few buckets (read: another late night) we headed to bed. We had an early morning ahead of us. Vinpearl land was waiting.

Vinpearl is an island off of coast of Nha Trang, Vietnam that is a complete playground for kids and adults, Its got an amusment park, water park, golf course and 5 star resort. Basically a day to run around like 12 years old, and really not give a damn.

We started off at the amusement park with was… okay.

Dont get me wrong, it was fun… there was 1 roller coaster and a few rides that were decent. But the main attraction, at least to me, was the waterpark. And it did not dissapoint!

I feel like now it’s important to distinguish an important factor you must keep in mind. Fun and safe do NOT equal each other in all circumstances. This was one of them. In the states you expect a certain level of rules and regulations, lifeguards, people to make sure you dont kill yourselve, basically. This did not exist in Vietnam.

The first ride we went on was call the Tsumani. It tried to kill us by slamming us into the “safety” railing over and over agian. The next ride we went on was called the spaceship. It also tried to kill me, this time by disorienting me and then shooting me through a “space hole” that dumping into a shallow pool. Its hard to describe without seeing, but we could tell it was bad when every person that got off the slide was confused, missing articles of clothes and/or crying. Then we found the wave pool.

I havent been in a wave pool in years, and maybe im getting old, or maybe its just vietnam, but the wave pool was INSANE. So much. fun. We spent hours playing in the waves with all the vietnamese kids. The we found the best ride ever.

The family slide. Now when i say “family slide” you expect an easy going, slow moving ride you could take a 4 year old on. And you would be wrong.

Sean, Helen, Chris (our two german friends) and myself went on the slide about a thousand times, and only stopping becasue the  water park closed. It was the perfect combination of dangerous and fun. We only kinda felt like we might die (rather then being sure of death like on the first two slides). After hours of flips and turns and general fun times we decide to head back to the island. But only after a quick run in the free arcade room.

The next day we woke tired, sore and sunburned. Thats how you know you’ve had a good day. We still had one more day before our overnight journey to Hoi An, so we decided to snorkel for a day at some of the islands nearby.

So in our time in Nha Trang we ate at a Texas/Mex place (cough twice), played in a theme park, and went snorkleing. Granted our time wasnt the most “authenic” vietnamese experience, but it sure was fun.

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  1. Brian says:

    Now THAT’S a margarita glass! Need to show this photo to the Mexican place in Orange so they can see how it is done in Vietnam! Love the updates guys – so glad you are having such a good time. That said – we do miss y’all!

    • Brittany says:

      Except if i were to ask for extra tequila not sure they would be as willing to fill it up like at the mexican place in orange! Miss you too! BTW loved the roger rabbit outfit you guys pulled off :)

  2. susan says:

    Sounds like loads of fun. I have fond memories of taking Sean to waterparks..the 3 of us were always daredevils, and with Sean being 5 foot tall by the age of 6..he could virtually ride anything he/we wanted him to. Love the pictures, and Britt–your hair has grown 6 inches!! kisses, and keep in touch. Hey–what are you guys going to do for your birthdays?

    • Brittany says:

      I know! I need to get it cut but im worried ill end up with a shaved head or something since i cant speak the language! Not sure what we are doing yet for our birthday, i think we might splurge for a nice hotel and lobster for a night! (and find a cake shop to make a real b-day cake!)

  3. Sarah says:

    Hey Guys! I feel like a stalker! I love reading your blog and looking at the pictures! What an amazing adventure you two are having! Of course, we miss you at Orange!

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