Thai cooking class aka how Brittany gained 10 lbs in a day.

Warning: if you are not a foodie or a glutton you may not appreciate this read, however if your like Sean and I and think about food on an hourly basis, here is your food porn for the day.

While we were in Chiang Mai we splurged for a day on an all day cooking class. (I used splurged in a solely budget backpacker mindset, it was really only $30 for the day per person) I had pretty much decided this was something I wanted to do three years ago when I first visited Thailand and met so many people down south who raved about the Chiang Mai cooking classes, so when our guesthouse asked to set us up on a class it was an easy decision, yes and can I bring to-go bags.

We got picked up in traditional southeast Asia time of 9 am (read:10am) on the back of a red truck with 8 other people. Two young teachers from Hawaii, mom and daughter from Canada, a French couple living in Australia, and one Vietnamese lady living in Amsterdam, it was diverse to say the least. We all hit it off immediately with our love of food. Talking about all the various food and fruits we’ve discovered in the markets. First stop in the class was a tour of one of the local markets. The teacher of the class was an adorable early 20s Thai girl who was energetic, friendly and helpful (this seems to be typically for all the Thai people we’ve met so it was too surprising). We learned about all the types of rices and how they vary from region to region, the types of spices and sauces typically used in most Thai dishes, and a quick look at some of the veggies we were gonna be using in the class. Afterwards we all set out for a quick look around and back to the truck and on to the farm.

Sean thought it was strange they slept like this…

We went through Thai farm cooking school, its a completely organic farm run by a Thai family and I would highly recommend it to anyone. We showed up and got our cooking gear… Sean looked especially handsome in the hat.

Afterwards we went to the organic garden and learned all about the herbs, vegetables and fruits not only that we were using but that were used frequently in Thai cooking. Then began the excited part, the actually cooking!


1st course: Yellow curry with chicken (Brittany) and Red curry with chicken (Sean): We each got a mortal and pestle and started pounding our own curry paste. Now I would go into the exact details of the recipes we used but if anyone wants them let me know and I’ll email some amazing recipes.


After we got our pastes done we went and each had our own cooking space to work with. We got a skillet, all the ingredients we needed and a quick instruction and off we were.



After the curries we made soups, Tom yam with shrimp (Brittany) and Thai vegetable soup (Sean). At this point I was pretty much dying, because I had two delicious dishes beside me and the few spoonfuls I had stolen taste delicious and all I wanted was to devour them, but no. We still had to make a stir fry before lunch. We did fried chicken with cashews (Brittany) and Chicken with basil (sean).




And now for the feast. We laid our three dishes along with jasmine rice and sticky rice for everyone. The amount of food was incredible and we all just sat with our mouths drooling before the teacher told us to dig in.


After what seemed like hours of eating, we sat with empty bowls and plates in front of us in a complete and utter food bliss.

Then the teacher comes out and serves us tea and then we’re off to make desert. At this point I’m pretty sure not a thing more will fit in my stomach but after we made mango and sticky rice (Brittany) and bananas in coconut milk (Sean), I reassess that maybe a few bites can fit. After I clean my plate and am in new pain of overeating, she serves us papaya salad. We all just groan and eat one bite too appease her. I think she is finding joy in how much pain and joy we all have from our full stomachs.

And finally before we hit the road back to Chiang Mai we make pad see ewe (Brittany) and spring rolls (Sean) to take back home for dinner.  Some of the best food we have eaten since being in Southeast Asia has been from that class (and that is saying A LOT considering we’ve had the best food of our lives since being here)!





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  1. susan says:

    Nice read..I enjoyed reading about the cooking class. My mouth was watering, too. Glad you had fun. Love, MOM

    • Sean says:

      Super tasty it was!

      • Ava says:

        3:44am* I am now starving for a hearty bowl of sticky rice with curry chicken/shrimp! BTW…I’m here at ACH Place looking at the “happy” residents come home with a piece of jumbo slice from The lovely Adams Morgan party scene!

        • Sean says:

          Ava! I can only hope you got my postcard and found the blog that way? Missing those late night chats and all the characters at ACH. Hope my buddy Hartwell isn’t causing you guys any problems there! Keep holding it down, and I’ll be back next year to peek around and have some laughs!

  2. Brian says:

    You are both invited to come to my place when you get back to make as much of these dishes as you would like! I *might* even share some with the cooks… 😉

  3. Melissa says:

    Nom, nom, nom, slurppity slurp, nom.

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