As soon as I got off the plane I just knew it. I’m gonna love this place. It was welcoming to step off the plane into a cool 60 degrees rather then sweating immediately upon arrival. You could see the himalayas were in the distance on all sides. The people met us with smiles and just kept saying “Welcome to Nepal!”. Even after being in the country for a few days it is glaringly obvious that the nepalase people are very proud of there country and want everyone to have a good time. The service at resteranuts have been amazing, people are friendly, the food is terrible but suuupper cheap. Its hard to complain in nepal. We are only spending three days in Kathmandu to get everything situated to start the Annapurna Circuit which is an 18-21 day hike (the variance due to side trips, altitude sickness, etc). In these days we have spent trying to get all the gear we need and the permits required as well as seeing all the sights of kathmandu.


We are staying in the Thamal district of Kathmandu… basically the tourist hub for anyone comeing in and out of the city. Knockoff northface gear, backpacks, sleeping bags, and bars lines the street. Everyone wanting you to come in a take a look. You can get a “northface” fleece for around 5 dollars, socks for a dollar or two, and rent a sleeping bag for about 50 cents a day. Basically all your hiking needs can be got for a tiny fraction of what we’d pay in the states. Ill report on how well these fleeces/jackets/hats/gloves held up on the trek afterwards… I have a feeling they may be lacking in quality 😉


We did have sometime to break from shopping and get to see two of Kathmandu’s biggest temples. Basantapur and Swoyambhunath. Basantapur was cool don’t get me wrong here but Swoyambhunath was my favorite temple by far and possible of any temple ive been to… ever. To understand why you probably need to here the laymans name, the monkey temple. And trust me it didnt dissapoint. I spent the first 30 minutes standing at the base just squeeling like a little school girl nad hitting Sean “look at that one! Oh Oh oh!! Do you see the baby! Soooo cute!!” Yeah. I was that girl. Its hard to explain so ill let pictures take over.


Once we got done looking at the temple we went and sat down to look at the maps and figure out what our plan was. “Where you from mister?” Two young 10-11 year old boys sat down next to us. We started up a conversation and talked for an hour or so. The boys were so smart, “name a country and ill tell you the capital”. Okay…”Ecuador, Pakistan, Libya, Canada…” everyplace we named they nailed it! Afterwards they started telling us facts about different countries, then facts about nepal. The boys were like a walk encyclopedia!

Once we started to leave they ask if we could buy them some milk. We looked at each other and submitted. I mean… two nepalese boys who have been entertaining us for a while want milk, who were we to say no, right?? (yeah, you smell a scam?) Long story short we paid around $15 USD for a thing of powdered milk. While we started to hit ourselves considering this was a 1/3 of our daily budget, but then we kind of looked at the bigger picture. Back in the states we would have spent 15 dollars on a good belgian beer just for kicks. In 10 years are we really gonna regret buying two ten year olds milk??


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  1. Adam says:

    Great pictures you guys!!! That kid will always remember the powder milk giant! :p

  2. susan says:

    Just found the photo tab..loved all 900 of them. This is a great story. Thanks for sharing..missing some contact..been way too long for my comfort. Sean, you OK?You haven’t authored the blog for a while. At river with horrible connection, took very long to look at pictures, but WOW..do they ever tell an exciting story. I love you

    • Brittany says:

      He authored the Goa and the Bye Bye India post. For some reason his comp wasnt working at the time so we had to upload on my computer… so it put me as the author!

      Glad you are enjoying the photos, we just got back from our trek so there will be pppllleeenty more to look at!

  3. Susan says:

    Love following you guys!! Can’t wait to read about this hike!! Scam or not, I’m glad you bought the milk ^_^

    • Brittany says:

      The hike was crazy! Just trying to wade through all the pics now (over a beer) in Pokhara… hopefully have something by tomorrow.

      How’s Dover?! Tell everyone I said hiiiiii!

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