5 things I’ll miss and 5 things i wont (India): part II

5 Things I wont miss from India :) These are being uploaded when we are trekking the Ananpurna for 20ish days, sorry so few pictures… Ill make up for it when we get back!


  1. haggling… everywhere. I know I said it was something I’ll miss, but its kind of a two edged sword. When we first got to india I knew either myself or sean would end up in a fistfight with a rickshaw driver or “friend just practicing his english”. We learned a lot about patience the first two weeks in india. And while I wouldn’t trade it for the world, theres no way in hell I would go through that learning curve again!
  2. food, or the result of eating the food: India. Yeah… its just as bad as you would think. While I am by far the champ in regards to having an iron belly, I still had my dose after an unfortunate meal in varanasi. I wanted to die and never leave my room/bathroom. Luckily we came prepared with cipro so a mere 24 hours later I was feeling 100%. Sean on the other hand jokes he spends 6 days on cipro one day off then back on it again. Thats kind of been the theme in india. You just kind of get used to a generally sickness that sticks with you throughout.
  3. people watching us: all the time. From the second we got off the plane in Delhi it was pretty much consistent. I thought Id get used to it, but yeah not gonna miss the staring. Though traveling with a guy 6’6” through asia I think I might just be the beginning!
  4. Trains/transportation: the hardest part for us was getting the trains/flights we needed. We spent about 5 hours in delhi trying to find the tourist reservation office after being told by countless indians the direction (which was always wrong and inevitably led us to their friends buisness shop.) afterwards we found out the office was right were we had originally started about 200m from when the first man led us astray! Other than that the trains themsleves were incredible difficult to get as most everything was booked up. Considering we went during the off season I imagine you have to book trains like a month in advance during season! Might not seem like much but for me used to traveling with things much less planed this was hard to get used to.
  5. Weather: hooooottttt. And humid. And hot. Not gonna miss the blistering heat one bit. Texas has nothing on India.

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  1. susan says:

    Morning..was the dog the entree? Can’t wait to hear more. I am addicted to the blog..going through serious withdrawals. Have not heard from you guys in 8 days. Too long. Be safe. Sean, I love you

  2. Akshay says:

    Ahem ahem. remember me?

    • Sean says:

      Only the best dive master ever, who I got so drunk he puked over the railing of a restaurant (while I puked outside of a bathroom) and a guy named herby from germany declared I was a cheater for puking! I suppose you could say I Do indeed remember! 😀 Seriously Andamans are one of the absolute highlights from our trip, thanks for being so cool :)

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