5 things ill miss and 5 things I won’t (India) part I

(part I of II)! These are being uploaded when we are trekking the Ananpurna for 20ish days! Tons of updates when we return!


  1. 5 Food in Goa. Chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, palak paneer. All amazing, all cheap. The food was incredible everywhere but in Goa in particular we noticed the quality of the Indian food to be outstanding. This could be due to our final resignation that we are gonna be sick (a lot) in india. Once we accepted our fate of disyntery we finally really got to enjoy the various spices, tastes and flavors without being overly cautious of what we’re eating.
  2. haggling… everywhere: after being in india for 5ish weeks we come to be pretty good at haggling. Its almost becoming a game. For instance I have a bracelet that the original price was 150 rupees that I bought for 19, and a pair of hareem pants (yes… you read that right. And they are awesome) that the starting offer was 650R and we got them for 150 (less then 3 dollars). After finally figuring it out it becomes less annoying and more like a game with the locals. One where someone inevitably gets screwed (normally us)
  3. People watching in Varanasi. This is unmatched in any of the places I have been. Sitting on the ghats of the ganges during sunrise watching the locals doing their morning bathing rituals. Watching the cremation ceremonies with the families of the loved ones both wailing and rejoicing in the burning ghats. Walking past the lepers and the sadhu (the indians who devote their lives to worship) beging for alms. Varanasi is unlike anywhere and be far my favorite place in India.
  4. Beach no. 7 in the andaman islands. I think this is probably the most beautiful beach I have been too. White sand, turquise waters, solitude from everyone. Its what you always want from a beach vacation but rarely achieve. The only downfall was the constant worry of crocadiles! But since it ad been a solid 1.5 years since a croc attack we were fairly sure of safety…. (more or less)
  5. Cheap beer. Coming from DC where happy hour prices will give you a subpar beer for $5, we were ecstatic with prices. For a large kingfisher (66ml, not quite a 40 but pretty close) it was anywhere from 200R (Taj mahal) to 90R (in Goa). Averaging around 100R (aka less that 2 bucks) for a LARGE beer. Nothing better then a full day of walking around town in sweltering heat then ending with a beer or four of cheap, cold kingfisher. Amen.

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  1. Holly Jane says:

    Hi Brittany – I love reading your blog! The India posts from both of you have been great, and of course, very honest! I’m excited that Varanasi made your top 5 list of favorite things – it was totally mine too. Can’t wait to see/hear all about your Anapurna Trekking. Enjoy!
    Holly (aka Darren’s Wife) :-)

    • Brittany says:

      Hey Holli! Glad you are enjoying it! Yeah we loved Varanasi just such a different world there. We just got to Pokhara and finished our trek so we’ll be updating everything soon! Just gotta go through the 1000+ photos… ugggg

  2. Adam says:

    That is awesome! I like the favorites! Good idea you guys!!

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