Agra, India and the hostel of fleas

Agra, India… home of the Taj Mahal. This was one of the “must-see” stops while we are in India and man was it worth it.

The Taj is definitely one of the more stunning buildings Ive ever seen and even more so because the entire building was built as a token of love (awe.. i know. Ill stop the sappy stuff). Shah Jahan was the emperor at the time and built the mausoleum in grief after his third wife died, took him a mere 21 years.

Now we meant to get up at sunrise to take in this beauty, however anyone that knows me knows I’m not what they call a “morning person”. Sunrise came wwwaaaayyy to early so we ended up going around noon aka the hottest time of the day. We have figured it out now (not when we went to the Taj) that the key to traveling in India during the hotter months, is waking up early, seeing what you need to see, then hiding in your hostel/Internet cafe/someplace with cold beer during the hotter afternoon, then heading out again at night….but i digress. Regardless of the heat the Taj was quite amazing and something I’m happy i can check off my bucket list.

The hostel we stayed at was (i thought) quite nice. The rooms were big and the food was good. However i should have known not everything was as it seemed when the very first night we were there (after the 2S ride from Jaipur!) we order butter chicken and Sean found shards of glass in his food. Let me repeat that… shards of glass! We wrote off that little incident thinking “well it was 11pm, at least we got food… right?” Lets not write the hostel off completely. Its only glass…. righhhhhtttt.

Now don’t get me wrong, we meet a lot of really cool people there, two dutch girls who arrived when we did, a couple from Washington state who have spent the past two years teaching English in Thailand. The hostel itself was very welcoming and had a great public area where we sat and ate/chatted. The problem, we found out later, was the carpet in this area… definitely both myself and Sean got our legs eaten alive by fleas! At first we thought it was just mosquito bites, however when we realized it was only around our ankles nothing above the knees the lights went on. Lessons learned? Avoid carpet in India. Got it :)


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  1. susan says:

    Enjoyed reading and re-learning about the Taj. Hope you guys let other travelers know about the condition of the various hostels..fleas and bedbugs be gone

  2. susan says:

    the pictures are so sharp and clear.they are terrific..beautiful

  3. Adam says:

    I agree! Nice pictures with a point and shoot!

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