I have a disco dancer…

2S train…. this is by far the worst and best experience I’ve had in India thus far and to be honest it will be hard to beat, on both accounts. To set the stage me and Sean walk to the train station getting there about 30 minutes early in order to make sure we could find our “seats” (I put seats in quotation because reserved seats is really a free-for-all until someone kicks you out). After we shake off a creeper that has been following us. (we turn around in circles twice and watch him do the same followed by Sean giving him a “can I help you?” look, he finally leaves), we sit at the platform and wait for the train. When the train pull up we find our cabin. I take on step towards the door and immediately turn around. The urine smell was so overwhelming I had to enter in the next door. We step on the train and it was just like the scene from Animal House when Otter and Boon walk into a roadhouse to see Otis Day and the Knights and the music stops and everyone stares. We give a quick smile and find our seats fast. We try to be as nondescript as possible but that is really impossible. After three different people have been kicked out of the seat to the side of me the “reserved” people finally get there. There is a family of three in front of me (mom, dad and girl about 4). Next thing I know another family comes in a squeezes into one seat. So I have six people in a spot big enough for 2!


Sean looks at me and says, “only for two hours… right?!?”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was actually a 5 hour trip…

After the first two hours, Sean was getting… annoyed. Apparently there was a constant stream of men staring at or down my shirt. Finally all 6’6” of Sean stands up and stares down the gaukers. Funny how well his height works as a deterrent.

During this fiasco the little girl across from me keeps staring and laughing to her mom. She is one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. Both her and her mom find my pillow fascinating and love to squeeze it. After a while I start to talk to the couple sitting next to me who are from Agra. Both speak very good english and are able to translate that the couple across from us wants me and sean to come to Kerela and spend time with there family! Apparently we had made an impression… either me or my pillow (I’m not sure which).

We spend the remainder of the trip talking to the family from Kerala who had 30 family members on the train with us. The goofy uncle came and gave us what looked like at first sunflower chips. I didn’t notice but the wife was shaking here head no the entire time. Once he filled both my hands up with these potato flakes and I tried them I understood why! She started laughing as I was trying to gulp down the “potato flakes” that tasted like wood. After a while the man next to me took pity on me and took half my handful and passed them to his wife who slowly poured them out the window. Sean however was on his own and I could just see the pain trying to shove the flakes down to be culturally sensitive while the uncle was staring and asking “Good? Right?? Very Good. You want more??”

Afterwards everyone was talking and practicing their English, telling us about their country, their jobs, families. Once Sean pulled out the lonely planet and the older men gathered around and where eager to show him where they were from/where they work/ where their children are from/ where they once knew a man from.


The whole family kind of took us in and we became, for five hours, a part of their family. If we had stayed in the 1st class we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet this amazing family and see, if only fleeting, their lives in action. Like I said it was the worst and best part of India we have seen thus far, and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. We finally arrived in Agra to the sound of a an outdoor party with someone yelling in the microphone “i have a disco dancer!”… awesome.

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  1. susan says:

    Britt, I felt like I was on the train with you. I enjoyed reading about the ride. Stay away from food offered by strangers…stranger danger..I hope you enjoy the next leg of your journey. Can’t wait to read about it..suncreen!!!

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks! We finaly got a plane ticket to Andaman Islands on saturday! We’re both pretty excited to escape the craziness for a little bit and relax on a beach 😉

  2. Jenn says:

    I love it! Enjoy agra…be safe, have fun!

  3. Adam says:

    I love it! Big lovable Sean standing up in middle of the train, probably crouched down still because of the low ceiling staring the old Indian men down! Would pay to see it!

    • Sean says:

      Mannnn I almost went to Indian Jail that trainride. You dont understand, its not just staring, its leaning over her shoulder and leering. If her bra were a size bigger, they’d have been in it.

  4. A.Ro. says:

    We SURE that was actually food?

    • Brittany says:

      not at all… i really do think it might have been wood chips, but everyone else was eating it! (and probably joking, “stupid americans…” the whole time)

  5. justin says:

    Sounds like utter hell with a great ending! Awesome writing, i agree with the first comment about also being on the train. awesome stuff

  6. susan says:

    Britt, you might want to get that sari, and wear it…Sean will not fit in Indian jail. creepy…

  7. James Friauf says:

    Hmmm…Britt, I see why there are so many Indians now. Can’t keep it in their pants.

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