“Right into the Deep End” – Delhi Day 2 – Seans Take

We walked for what must have been about two miles through some of the most dense industrial districts I’ve ever seen. Everwhere we looked were people assembling  and selling tires, wires, gauges, pumps, conduits, etc. As we traveled through this area, we found the male dominated denizens quite enjoyed licking their lips while ‘looking’ at Brittany. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, but the lizard inspired lip licking wasn’t making either of us feel particularly awesome.

Eventually though we ended up arriving at the Red Fort and were delighted by the friendly onlookers there! I have to admit, I admire the time and effort it takes to hone a craft. From the wood carver who carves a scale replica of Brittany Spears, or the guy who can play the national anthem with just a spoon and his knee. These guys were definitely the best at eye rape I’d ever seen, I mean it was enough to make Hannibal Lecter feel like he needed a shower, and I should know, I stare at myself in the mirror just trying to make it to the big leagues like these guys. One group of amorous men were particularly enamored with Brittanys short sleeves and aluring..neck…and discontent with simply storing a mental pictures, all three broke out camera phones. The detail they’ll manage to discern from 1.3 Megapixels aside, i decided to snap a few shots of them, so at least we’d all have something to cringe at later.  (Don’t worry about their idententies being revealed, they managed to obscure each of them with their cell phones)

After we ended our tour of the Red Fort, or as I like to call it “The American Zoo,”  we started our trek back. We decided against going through the heavy industry district this time since we were a bit leary of heading that way as the night approached. Instead, we set out on a 2 mile sojourn through the backstreets of Delhi as we lost light as well as our bearings.  Street signs here are more elusive than a meal that wont give me gasterointestinal distress, and the night was upon us. As we wandered the back alleys, people seemed to get more friendly, which gave us cause to get the heck out of there. We saw a man getting caned; as our friend we met later that night put it “A lot of times, the justice system in India is slow, but sometimes it’s immediate.”
Eventually we found our bearings and were on the way to the New Delhi, we were even passed on foot by a guy who said “Excuse me Please”, which we found quite entertaining as it was the first time we’d heard that.  By the time we found our way back to the city, we were *thoroughly* exhausted and climbed the 5 flights of stares to the top of the rooftop bar we’d frequented over the prior two days. As we sat there with our two 660ml king fishers, we stared off into the noise of the night in Dehli.
“You two look exhausted,” Benjamin said with a smile. As we conversed with our new friend, we found he was from Berlin and had traveled to India five months ago, had almost been scammed out of a lot of money his first day in Delhi, and had traveled around the entire country. He gave us a lot of advice, and it was extremely nice to meet a seasoned India traveler, and he had a good laugh that we were starting off our year long trip in Delhi – “Right into the deep end” he said with a smile.

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  1. Adam says:

    Love it! Right into the deep end!

  2. susan says:

    Sean always jumped right into the deep end…

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