And We’re Off – First Leg – London

Brittany and I rest under a beautiful sky in London

An hour outside of Heathrow International Airport in London, we lay in a field of soft green grass at Green Park. Jumbo jets fly overhead, taking their passengers to adventures of their own. We lay snuggeled under a naked tree, its white cherry blossoms having given way to time and the elements.



The sun hides periodically behind clouds that race across the afternoon sky, accompanied by a spiteful wind that causes us to shiver involuntarily. We both lay beneath this tree, bathing in the sun, a year ahead of us, filled with resplendent possibilities. A flight in a few hours will whisk us away to a land very much unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve got my bags, my camera, and most importantly, my partner. I can finally say…I’m ready.


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  1. Italian says:

    Blue skies in London? You should be jumpin!

    • Sean says:

      Dude I know! it was 50 degrees and fairly nice in April in London, we definitely got lucky on that one, as I was chilling in shorts and a short sleeved shirt.

  2. James Friauf says:

    Beats the heck out of the weather a few years back, hey Seanie boy!? :)

  3. Jennie M. says:

    WOW! I hope you have a marvelous time and I wish safe but exciting adventures and can’t wait to hear about every moment. I miss you tons and I’m jealous!

  4. Yooooooo, Sean T! Great looking pictures. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Love you, you little shits. Can’t wait to see you guys (but I have to). <3 DaveR

    • Sean says:

      Hey there kind sir, thats a marvelous website you have there. Perhaps we could work something out! Thanks for the compliments – missin ya homie!

  5. Scotty Bob says:

    Box…in typical american backpacker fashion you should dread your hair

    Tansey…grow some ridiculous facial hair…use either me or Larry as examples :)

    Cheerio mates

  6. susan says:

    Have you arrived in India? How do I know that those pics were in London? As far as I could tell, you could be in Monroe Park down in the fan..that’s where your dad and I would go to “chill”…Love you

  7. susan says:

    Jamie, you guys went to Ireland in JAN. It rained almost everyday..We will have to pick a nice warm spot to visit them.

  8. Richard says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about, every time I go to London I see blue skies at least part of the day. The weather just changes really fast and you can get 4 seasons in a day.

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