6 weeks.

Approximately 6 weeks out from the first flight to India (April 9th), 3 weeks till Im compleletly done with work (march 16th), 2 days till i move out of my apartment (Feb. 25th) and into Seans, and 1 hour till I turn in my Indian visa application!

It’s all starting to come together! Ive spent the last few days getting really excited about our time in India, going through all the travel blogs (www.indiamike.com is a god send!), and trying to narrow down all the places in India we want to go. I had originally thought a month would be plenty to see everything we wanted to… i was wrong. very, very wrong.  The more I research India the more fasinating it becomes. The people, the culture, the FOOD! I mean tell me this doesn’t make your mouth water?

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  1. C-Dog says:

    Are those onion rings and pizza? This is getting less exotic super quick!
    I’m gonna need to see y’all eat boiled gots head etc.

  2. Brittany says:

    That’s under Sean’s responsibilies. To blog about/eat all the ridiculous stuff offered along the way. Boiled goat heads, snakes, spiders :)

  3. Sean says:

    Oh geez, so I don’t watch the comments for a week and I’m eating boiled goat head??

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