Jeans, movies and books: oh my.

Two months left of work… annnnddd the countdown is getting serious! At this point I am trying desperately to get rid of all the crap I have accumulated in the past few years. It’s actually amazing to see all the stuff I have. Stuff I don’t use I just have because… well… why not? It fills up a house so… of course I need it, right?


I’m actually incredible excited to start anew. I think it’ll be very refreshing to just get rid of all the stuff I don’t use. To live basically with the bare necessities. To learn that I don’t need 15 pairs of jeans (no joke I took a count… 15. Seriously?!), or 200 movies or 30 different (but are essential the same) white tank tops. To learn that I can get by with so much less then I am used too. It’s nice to know that next year I will be focused primarily on experiences, rather than on what I can accumulate… I think I could get used to that :)


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  1. C-Dog says:

    You are a better woman than I! Well I do want to be that woman for a small fraction of your trip just not like 365 days. Speaking of trip are you going / blogging alone? Because this is a total “short” fest. Where’s the “tall” everyone, where’s the “tall”?

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