Our First “One Minute In It” video is posted!

Each week we’ll be putting together a short one minute video with clips of what we’ve been up to this week. I edit out all the boring things (like Brittany’s stamp collecting and anything to do with Seans  day-to-day job)  so that it’s (hopefully) entertaining to watch.  Which of course it will be because… well…. we live entertaining lives.

This weeks video includes taking a pleasantly plump (she prefers to be called “big boned” a-thank you.) love doll into a hospital to visit an ailing friend of ours (we tried filling it with helium to make it float – note: it doesn’t), half price wine night which involved downing nearly 4 bottles of wine (yes, we’re champs, no, rehab is for quitters), new years eve with friends at a cabin on the lake (16 bottles of champagne… for 11 people), and a very scenic skydive (January is a REALLY cold month).

Stay tuned for more!

Video below! (Watch in HD)

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  1. C-Dog says:

    Amazing! Awesome editing I’m assuming it wasn’t Brittanys work so well done Sean, well done.

  2. Brittany says:

    Hey! That WAS my editing!! First video ever… and there will be plenty more to follow once I stop having to do this annoying little work thing 😉

  3. Rainbow Flip flops, shades, short sleeves….aye

  4. Cant wait to see more videos !!!

  5. James Friauf says:

    When are you going to start posting videos? Geez, I feel deprived.

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