How to lose your mind: part one

 Okay, as my friends and family know… I am not the most responsible person. Hell, I’m one of the least responsible people I know.  (As a warning this is written in a fit of frustration after I’ve spent an hour trying to cancel credit cards and get replacement IDs and what not from losing my wallet on the plane ride back from Christmas).

 Normally one would expect a fair amount of frustration from losing ones wallet, however I have that times ten. This is because losing keys, phone, or my wallet has happened about once a month for about… oh… say, my entire life time.  I can’t understand how it happens to one person so much! The main reason im writing this blog post is because I’m taking bets as to how long exactly it will take before I lose my passport, my plane tickets, my hostel keys, etc. once we start traveling.  I’m going with two weeks… (I always have been an optimist).


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  1. susan says:

    Neat video..It was fun. The new doll was hideous(LOL)The house on Lake Anna looked nice. Would like to see more pics. Hope you used the gift card to Target before you lost your wallet..

  2. C-Dog says:

    Well now that your on board with your habitual losing of all sorts of items. I suggest nay…… I demand we get a pot going right now!

  3. Adam says:

    You are the worst about losing your shit. I do believe you find it pretty quickly tho. I don’t want to bet on you losing anything, but it will be something important if you lose it. :p

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