New Years Retrospective

We’re gearing up for New Years, but we’re ditching the fancy ball gowns and dresses – and whatever Brittany was going to wear, and going to a cabin in the woods. Friends, booze, and a hottub, it should be a great time.

I had been complacent for many years in my life, content to live a life with online friends, video games, TV, and work a job that I didn’t find fulfilling. Then a couple major events happened that shook me from that rut, and made me realize that life had to be lived, because all too soon, it’ll be taken from us, or changed in such a way that we can never enjoy it in the same way. Youth is far too often wasted on the young, and I intend to reclaim much of my wasted youth.

This was the year that woke me. I can’t claim I went about things in the best way, or even that I made the best choices. I can only say that I made decisions that had to be made in order for me to be happy. I hate being intentionally vague, but this is the one time I will be.

All I can say is live your life how you want, don’t ever stop until you’re happy, and have a brilliant New Year – hopefully with friends and loved ones by your side.

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  1. C-Dog says:

    Sean you would totally excell at Rupaul’s drag race!!!
    I’m jus saying those beautiful eyelashes, high cheek bones and pearly whites…..cha Ching!

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