Is it April yet?

Three months out and what are we doing?? You would expect an answer like finalizing the itinerary, buying flights, saving money like crazy… none of these are true. It’s not easy planning a year round the world when you have two extremely type-B personalities in charge. Any time Sean and I plan a night to strategically plan our trip and “really make progress”, we end up drinking too much wine/beer and forgetting why we had our travel books out in the first place. We aren’t planners, to say the least! I feel a strong suspicion that it’ll be two weeks out and we’ll do everything in a one day frenzy of shopping, packing, cleaning, and trying sell the shirts off our backs to finance (since we spend all our travel money on ridiculous costumes for Sean [Sean: Some people think a 6’6 garden gnome is Awesome, not ridiculous. I happen to be one such person.] , or more skydiving accessories, or our epic happy hours). Regardless it’s funny how things have a way or working out. I tell myself this so I don’t freak out or get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done :)

 However, I have taken one step in the right direction… that’s right I got all my immunizations.  And my god…THAT is expensive. I got about 10 shots and paid enough money to buy a new liver…. I had to swallow that bill by telling myself over and over that at least I’m not gonna get rabies when I’m playing with baby monkeys in south America. I think just to get my moneys worth out of these vaccinations I’m actually going to pet every single animal I see overseas.  Especially the scary ones.

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  1. so i guess i’m pretty creepy to already read everything posted on this blog. i’m so stoked for y’all to do all of this. and really freaking jealous. y’all couldn’t wait one more year so i could graduate and do this too? nope. hahah, just kidding. y’all better be back to see me graduate though, shawwtyy. i’m gonna stalk this blog until april. op, oh well (: i need to meet brittany, too! just sayiiiiiing. so pumpedd! okay, i’ll stop being a teenager now and go (:

  2. i guess i’ll stalk it forever. until i’m at least 98.

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